About this site

This is a site we use for testing various things we’re working on for client projects. Our primary website is http://slewis.org

That’s all about to change!

Get ready: is coming soon!


The Plan

Since the beginning of the world wide web, Lewis Studios has lived at https://slewis.org. Over time, that site has evolved from a personal web page to a personal blog to a sales site for software and services. It is time for it to return to basics and act as Scott’s personal blog. 

Lewis Studios is a thriving business providing marketing services, education and website design, build and operational services for customers in many industries around the world. 

Lewis Studios is going to get its own website where we can offer information on our services, examples of our work, educational content and more. 

We’re planning on launching the new site in September. Check back often as we’ll be developing the new site in the open. You’ll see broken things, things that seemed like a good idea will disappear or move as we refine the flow and content. Some tools we try will be awesome. Others will not. Awesome stays, not awesome goes. 

It is going to be a fun journey!